This site is designed to complement the work of SEAN enabling communication of the latest information on ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) in Scotland.

Over the last six years SEAN has taken a central role in ensuring that there is a continued process of clinical audit and monitoring of all NHS ECT sites in Scotland.

This audit has resulted in the publication of National Audit Reports that can be viewed on this site.

The value of the exercise has been reflected in the desire for it to continue. SEAN has now moved to a more sophisticated IT based method of ongoing live audit at each ECT site providing realtime feedback and quality control for the clinicians.

As the SEAN site expands it will be of interest to clinicians, managers, interest groups and individuals.

 At present www.sean.org.uk includes publications on ECT to view for the patient or carer in the Public area, and for the clinician some references, audit and training materials in the Professional area.

Please use the Contacts page to pass us your thoughts and ideas onto the SEAN Management Team.